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More About Me.

I am a freelance filmmaker with editing and color grading skills.

My name is Laczkó Sándor and my company provides affordable audio visual solutions for businesses, events, artists and to many others. We understand that budgets must be used efficiently while delivering cinematic videos.

The company often works with other professionals from the field, such as DoPs, directors, sound engineers etc.

We offer dynamic and cinematic videos, forget the capital city, you get small town prices!

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This is what I Do.

  • Videos

    We provide audio-visual solution for your commercial, music video, documentary or wedding.

  • Editing

    Looking for an editor for your upcoming project? We offer professional editing of your footage.

  • Color Grading

    Does your footage look flat and needs some juice? We provide color grading solutions with the option to have the original powergrade files.


2020 Showreel

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I'm here to help you with your project.

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Official address:

Presstige s.r.o.,
Široká 526,
925 82 Tešedíkovo, SLOVAKIA

Company details

IČO: 47356189
DIČ: 2023842667
IBAN: SK2083300000002200749701

Get in touch

Cell: +421 948 798 458
E-mail: hello [at] presstige.sk