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If you are interested my services, please do not hestitate to give me a call. After discussing the details (see the process below), you'll get a price offer. By accepting it your order gets placed.

To speed this process up, please consider or prepare the following things for our first meeting:

  • SCRIPT/SCENARIO - Do you have a vision about the video you'd like me to shoot? If not, who should prepare it? EPIX Studio or a third person?
  • ACTORS - Are actors necessary for the project? If yes, does the production have the budget for professionals?
  • LOCATION - Do we have or need a shooting location?
  • MUSIC - Who's delivering the music? May I use free stuff or do you have the budget for "premium" music or a composed score?
  • VOICEOVER - Would you like to have voiceover in your video? If yes, in how many languages?
  • SFX - Does your project require special effects?
  • BUDGET - I know that you want to get the lowest price as possible and you're not comfortable setting a budget on the first meeting. However, your project might contain time consuming task which has to delivered by third party professionals. Setting margins can help us to estimate the projects complexity.

  • We will meet up to discuss the project details. If you have a scenario ready, please prepare it for me. If not, I'll come up with an idea which will be sketched before the shoot. Once we know the project requirements you'll get a price offer.
  • After accepting the price offer, the 50% of the estimated project cost is placed in deposit.
  • We shoot the project.
  • The post production begins with organizing and reviewing the footages.
  • We will deliver the first rawcut to see how do you like it. You can leave us feedback with the changes you'd like to have. Two revisions are included in the price.
  • We will implement your comments and send you the RC1 (Release candidate one) to see if it's okay. If not, you'll be able to add another round of comments.
  • Based on your feedback we do the corrections and send you the RC2 (Release candidate two). Hopefully you'll like it and we can go on finishing your video. If would like to add another round of comments, that will be over the estimated project cost and the project cost will grow.
  • The next stage is the color correction. All of the footage is corrected to match.
  • If the footage is matched, the color grading takes place where we add the "cinematic feel" to it.
  • Once the cut is locked and the footage is ready for render, the only thing left is the sound. There are different types of videos, some have only background music, others require a special sound design or a voiceover.
  • You get the final invoice for the project.
  • After your payment is cleared, the final video will be uploaded to the cloud and you'll will get the download link.

The prices are calculated after the first meeting, where we will discuss the project details. The prices will reflect the complexity of the project, for example:

  • the duration of the shooting process
  • how big the crew has to be, do I need to hire staff?
  • type & amount of lights we'll use
  • do we need an external DP or director?
  • do we need to record sound on set?
  • will I have to do additional sound design in post?
  • will I need to borrow equipment for the shoot?
  • will your film contain CGI, VFX or other SFX?
  • the duration of the editing process
  • distance and travel expenses

Please see my reference work on the website, so you can get the feel of my style and my skills. I believe, that you're placing an order because you liked some of my videos.

As mentioned above, we will discuss the project details in person. Sometimes the clients expectation does not match the projects budget, so my goal is to reach consensus. Before we start to shoot, I will sketch the end results in a scenario or storyboard.

Once the first rawcut is ready, you'll be able to comment on it. There might be a scenario when your expectation does not match with the first rawcut. No worries! Two revisions are included as part of the price. After discussing the changes, I'll implement them into your video.

Please note that the revision does not mean making an absolutely new video. This is why we will discuss or storyboard the film in the early stages. I can not take any responsibility if you change your mind during the project execution.

After I received your comments, I will add my professional opinion to them. For example: If you want me to change a shot to another, I will tell you if it's a good idea or not. If you choose not to consider my opinion, it's your call! You're the client and I will do my best to execute your vision!

Twice, two revisions are included as part of the price. For more details on this topic, please see the previous question and answer.

It depends on our agreement. If you order a video, a short, a commercial, music video, etc., you'll receive the finished video only. Usually, I am not giving out the raw source material, because by itself, the unprocessed footage is not representing my style and work.

However, if you don't wish to have a (final) processed video, you can order the raw footage as well. This is usually suitable to companies, who like to request product shoots, larger productions, etc.

I can animate figures, text and motion graphics in 2D & 2.5D spaces. If you need a special animation in 3D or VFX, please contact me so I can give you a quote on the project cost and time.

In some cases yes, but not everything. If you shot something with a handycam, I might not be your guy. There are some limitations I can not overcome, like video quality, footage quality, camera movement quality, etc. Unless this is what you're going for.

If you're planing a production and don't have an editor, give me a ring and we'll discuss the details!

All prices are estimates, not fixed quotes. The offer says: "all prices are informative, the cost of the final project may differ".

Usually, the client is informed if something is raising the budget of the production, but there might be cases when two revisions are not enough for the client. The dragging or delaying in the editing process from the clients side can also occure. In these cases the project cost will grow by the dedicated extra time we have to spend to finish the video.

Depends on the project type. I work with other filmmakers, cameramen or professionals from different fields (sound recording, directing, etc.). If the project requires, we are able to fully execute a large production, including writing scores, sound design, filming, delivering and marketing as well.

Usually I deliver in .h264 codec, in .mp4 or .mov formats, in 8 bit color depth and in 50mbps bitrate. This fits most of the needs, it can be played on a consumer's laptop, also fits for YouTube (YT is compressing the video down to 6mbps bitrate).

If the project allows, you can also have the option to get your video in 10bit color depth, with bitrates up to 400mbps, in .h264 codec or in DNxHR.

Glad you asked! Here are some reasons:

  • You get what you pay for! Everything is discussed before the shoot, and you are able to revise the video during the editing process.
  • You have seen my videos and know that my videos are dynamic, cinematic and good looking.
  • I'm one of the few videographers who offer high quality 4K or 10bit 4:2:2 videos!
  • I shoot (super)slow motion up to 180 frames/second.
  • My production equipment suits most of the shoots and I don't have to charge you for renting.
  • I work with other professionals, we delivered every project so far.
  • Forget the capital city! You get small town prices!


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