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Epix Studio provides affordable audio visual solutions.

Hey, welcome to my page! My name is Sándor Laczkó and I am a freelance filmmaker offering solutions for businesses, events and artists.

Our team consists of young and passionate filmmakers. From pre to post-production we are here to fully execute your project.

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  • Videos

    We provide audio-visual solution for your narrative stories, commercials, music videos and documentaries.

  • Editing

    Looking for an editor for your upcoming project? We are offering professional editing solutions.

  • Color Grading

    Does your footage look flat and needs some juice? We provide color grading solutions with the option to have the original powergrade files.


2020 Showreel


Directed documentaries

  • Hancsovszky (2023), In production
  • Ha elmegyek a dóm kapuja előtt (2022); 50min
  • Nem mindennapi beszélgetések (2020-2021), Oral History series
  • 1956 - Az elfelejtett forradalom (2018); 60 min
  • 100 éc 100 percben series (2018-2019); 20x10min
  • Élő hagyomány (2018-2019), Oral history series
  • Nyugati fogságban (2017); 60 min
  • Muszkaföldön (2016), 60 min

Directed music Videos

  • Phoenix RT feat. Diószegi Kiki: Jelzőfény (2020)
  • Phoenix RT: Tiszta lappal (2020)
  • Hope Red: Track#7 (2019)
  • Hope Red: Track#3 (2019)

Other Projects

  • A Seuso kincsek és társaik - Birodalmi pompa (2022); 30min; In production; DoP
  • Népszámlálás 2021 campaign videos (2021)
  • Edubox video series (2020)
  • The Taste of Danube Region (2019)
  • More to come soon


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Official address:

Presstige s.r.o.,
Široká 526,
925 82 Tešedíkovo, SLOVAKIA

Company details

IČO: 47356189
DIČ: 2023842667
IBAN: SK2083300000002200749701

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Cell: +421 948 798 458
E-mail: hello [at] presstige.sk